Faculty of Medicine Vajira Hospital

The Faculty is responsible for medical education of medical students and specialists in different medical fields. It also supports and encourages research and breakthroughs in urban medicine.  In addition, the Faculty offers qualified medical services to citizens in terms of treatments, public health services and disease prevention programs for the urban society.



           Bali                     “02”                                              Meaning           “Life is much loved by everyone”



            A leading Faculty of Medicine of Thailand with excellence in urban medicine andhealth network under administration with good governance  


  • To strengthen the organization prestigious reputation in accordance with its auspicious name under administration with efficiency and good governance
  • To develop knowledge of medicine and health with emphasis on urban medicine
  • To provide education of medicine at the national and international levels in order to produce professional doctors, medical specialist and other medical personnel with good character and dedication to public service
  • To provide high quality and safe medical services
  • To conserve national culture and traditions as well as traditional local wisdom


Core Value: Vajira

V: Visionary  

A: Altruism

J: Justice

I: Integration

A: Agility