Kuakarun Faculty of Nursing


Kuakarun Faculty of Nursing, Navamindradhiraj University, formerly called Kuakarun Nursing College, was created from the merging of Vajira College of Nursing, Midwives and Health, which was established on May 20, 1954, and the Central Hospital Nursing College, which opened on May 17, 1970.   Both of these Nursing Colleges shared the same objectives for developing and training professional nurses who work within the nine Hospitals under the Medical Service Department and the Healthcare Centers of Health Department. In 1976, it was our great honor that his Majesty King Bhumipol Adulyadet granted to change the name to Kuakarun Nursing College.

In 1993 the Nursing College was added as an affiliated institute under Mahidol  University, and in 2010, Kuakarun Nursing College changed its status to Kuakarun Faculty of Nursing under the Bangkok University enactment. In 2013, King Bhumipol Adulyadet granted a change from University of Bangkok Metropolis to Navamindradhiraj University.



To relieve the suffering of others brings us utmost fulfillment



To be the leading Nursing Faculty of the Bangkok Metropolitan area that promotes the well-being for all in 2020



To foster nursing graduates and nursing staffs and improve their performance, under the jurisdiction of the Bangkok Metropolis Administration, by obtaining global competence, and transformational leadership, establishing a network both in national and international institutes in order to create the body of knowledge, and conduct integrated research providing academic services to promote the urban population’s well-being, improving their quality of life including maintaining religious and Thai cultures.


Core Values: KARUN

Keenness:     Energetic, enthusiastic and driven in learning and developing expertise

Altruism:     Public service, public awareness and commitment to the people

Respect:        Modest, open-minded, honorable and understanding

Unity:            Harmony through collaboration and cooperation in achieving organization’s success

Nurture:       Compassion, upholding loving kindness and caring for others