Institute of Metropolitan Development (IMD)


Institute Goals

  1. To build a body of knowledge and develop personnel through applied research, teaching and studies, the exchange of experiences, and the offering of short and full-term courses as well as graduate studies.
  2. To collect and analyze data and other knowledge in a systematic manner through information systems and preparation of educational materials as well as to disseminate the knowledge and research results through various methods of teaching and media, including publishing journals and research reports, and organizing academic seminars and conferences
  3. To build and promote networks, including ongoing partnerships for collecting knowledge and creating innovations for urban development, based upon the domestic and international networks of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration.

Institute Activities

IMD focuses on capacity-building for urban managers, networking for related groups and agencies for city development and management, conducting action research using case studies in Bangkok and other cities of interest, short course training using project based learning (PBL), and archiving the knowledge from these programs for future urban development and management. These tasks are done through participation and networking of people experienced in various areas, especially from the city of Bangkok. The activities can be divided into 5 broad groups:

  1. Providing graduate studies in urban management (leading to a Masters of Science in Urban Development and Management) with four areas of specialization: Community and Environmental Development, Land and Infrastructure Development, Urban Economic and Financial Development, and Urban Quality of Life Development. This program is planned to start in August 2016.
  2. Conducting research in collaboration with the Bangkok Metropolitan Authority and other agencies and organizations involved in urban development.  IMD emphasizes action research which can be implemented to solve development-related problems and for the future development of Bangkok.  The research conducted under the institute is to be of academic standard for public use locally and internationally.
  3. Conducting training, seminars, conferences, and academic services on urban development and management.
  4. Establishing networks and outreach for academic and practical cooperation on urban development and management with academic and implementing agencies in order to develop coursework, research, short course training, and academic services, including IMD publications and organizing seminars and conferences.
  5. Archiving the above-mentioned urban development and management knowledge for further research and for public use both locally and internationally.

Correspondence address:

 Institute of Metropolitan Development,

19th Floor, Srijulsup Building,

44 Rama 1 Road,  Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330