Urban Community College of Bangkok


The Urban Community College of Bangkok offers diplomaand vocational programs which are related to the needs of urban society. The college is responsible for educational administration at higher educational level: academic, occupational, and training matters. The programs and courses are related to the needs of urban community in order to improve the skills and quality of life of Bangkok residents, create networks and cooperation in academics, research, and academic services between the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, governmental, private and public sectors in both domestic and international levels. The college also promotes, supports, and preserves arts, cultures, and local knowledge of communities to be sources of life-long learning of urban communities.


Academics and Occupations develop qualities of life.


Outstanding faculty in modern professional fields for Metropolis.


  • To provide higher educational studies for both academic and professional fields and to provide training courses related to the community needs
  • Create opportunities for communities to participate in their own administration
  • To support the conservation and development of the urban community arts, culture, wisdom, natural resources and environment
  • To manage education in the form of network of educational administration
  • To develop career skills of people in the communities in preparation for the ASEAN community


     Morality: public mindedness, honesty, and moderation.