The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration established the University of Bangkok

Metropolis (now known as Navamindradhiraj University) as an autonomous higher

education institution under the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration on 13

November 2010, in accordance with the University Act B.E.2010, to glorify His

Majesty the King on the occasion of the Sixtieth Anniversary Celebration of His Majesty’s Accession to the Throne. The university also recognizes the kindness paid to the public by King Rama 6, Vajiravudh, 98 years ago when he established Vijira Hospital, which is now the Faculty of Medicine Vajira Hospital, Navamindradhiraj University.

In dedicating the hospital on 2 January 1912 King Vajiravudh stated:

“I, King Vajiravudh of Siam, have always sought to find ways to fulfill my wish to provide public benefits for my people.  I decided to set up a hospital in Bangkok province.  My own treasure, if it were spent in other ways, would not give as much satisfaction as being spent for the treatment of my ailing fellow man, to take him from agony to be stronger and healthier than ever.  Now that the hospital is complete.  I am proud to name it ‘Vajira Hospital’ and give it to the Thai people.”

Vajira Hospital was placed under the supervision of the Metropolitan Ministry in 1914, and in 1924, was assigned to be under the Public Health Department, Ministry of Interior.  In 1937, it was transferred to the Bangkok Municipality and became a division of the Bangkok Municipality in 1955.  In 1954, the Bangkok Municipality set up the Vajira Hospital Midwife Nursing School to solve the problem of nurse shortage at the time. Then in 1970 the Klang Hospital Nursing School was also established.  In 1976, both nursing schools were merged and renamed “Kuakarun Nursing College” by His Majesty the King.

Since 1997, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration had planned to establish an educational institute in the city to address its problems of continuing expansion.  It was not until 13 November 2010, when the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration Medical College and Vajira Hospital and the Kuakarun Nursing College merged to become a university, when both colleges developed to be the Faculty of Medicine Vajira Hospital and the Kuakarun Faculty of Nursing.  Two more organizations were also set up as parts of the university.  They were the Institute for Metropolitan Development and the Urban Community College of Bangkok.

His Majesty the King named the university “Navamindradhiraj University” on 3 June 2011.