University Goal


Bangkok is a growing capital city with a constant influx of new inhabitants.  Unless competent and prudent administration systems are arranged, harmonious living will be impossible in this burgeoning metropolis.  Navamindradhiraj University, the only local university in Thailand, was established with an aim to be a higher education institute to share knowledge and research for urban development, the sustainable advancement of society, and the well-being of city residents.

Two faculties of the university, the Faculty of Medicine Vajira Hospital and the Kuakarun Faculty of Nursing, which were previously departments under the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, have played important roles in producing public health personnel for Bangkok and other cities throughout the country.  The university also has two faculties which directly support urban development: the Institute for Metropolitan Development, delivering programs in urban engineering and urban management, and the Urban Community College of Bangkok, which provides short and mid-term education in urban development.  Growing into its sixth year of operation, the university adheres to its commitment to support sustainable development and improve the quality of urban life with a value-added ambition to be the leader in urbanology through the networking of a variety of organizations.