Navamindradhiraj University Alumni Association (N.A.A.)


Navamindradhiraj University Alumni Association or N.A.A. was founded on March 24, 2016 with Dr. Manoch Leethochavalit as the first president. The objectives of the association are:


  • To be a center for communication and relationships among the university’s alumni
  • To build consciousness, discipline, and determination to uphold morality, ethics and professional codes of conduct
  • To praise and grant awards to excellent alumni and others who have made great contributions to medical and nursing professions, urban development, or other aspects which are relative to Navamindradhiraj University’s missions.
  • To promote and disseminate medical and nursing as well as other disciplinary knowledge.
  • To grant scholarships in medicine, nursing, and urban development to outstanding students from low-income families
  • To support and promote education and research in medicine, nursing, public health, and urban development
  • To promote charitable and voluntary activities
  • To promote recreation and welfare for members
  • To uphold moral integrity and pride of the alumni
  • To ensure the association is not involved in any political matters


Presently, the association consists of 158 ordinary members, 97 extraordinary members and eight honorary members.