The university emblem consists of two concentric circles.  The inner circle depicts the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration’s symbol, the Hindu god Indra mounted on the divine white elephant Airavata or Erawan.   Indra himself holds a lightning thunderbolt club called Vajira which is his personal weapon. This image represents the mythology of Indra’s duty to ward off black magic that casts darkness upon the human world. The god Indra would use thunder bolts to weaken the power of evil.  Thus, Indra riding the Erawan on the clouds confers prosperity for commoners.

At the top of the emblem is inscribed the Bali words reading,

01”  which means “Acquiring wisdom is the best of all”.

The lower part has the words “MahawitthayalaiNavamindradhiraj” which means Navamindradhiraj University in Thai.

The color of the university is dark green.

The Flower of the University

Mokluang, Holarrhena pubescens, Holarrhenaantidysenterica

Mokluang is a medium-sized flowering bush that blooms inFebruary, when the entire plant blossoms with a lovelyfragrance. The bark, stem, fruit and seeds of the plant have healing substancesknown as alkaloids, including Conessine, Kurchine and Kurchicine. The wood, having a plain white color, is tough and durable, and often used to make furnitureand household items including combs, cupboards, tables and picture frames.